Sussex Darkside have been running Paranormal Investigations, Group Ghost Hunts and Theatrical Ghost Walks in and around Sussex since 2010. We have a great reputation with the venues we use and the customers we take with us.

All the members of our team are friendly, professional and passionate about the paranormal and the historical buildings we search for it in.


Meet the Darkside Family

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Jeff (The Boss)

Team Leader & Owner of Darkside


- Technical Equipment Specialist

- Empath

- Qualified First Aider

- Actor


About Me & Darkside: I started Darkside on Halloween 2010, done to fill a need at a major local tourist attraction. We started off with Ghost Walks, but I didn't  like the traditional ones, where you are lead around by someone just reciting stories. So Darkside developed "Theatrical Ghost Walks" where the stories were told, where they happened, by a character from the venue's past, to try in some small way to bring the stories to life.


But this beginning had its roots in a theatrical idea and nothing to do with the paranormal. I have always thought there is more to the world than what can be seen, with the eye or heard with the ear. In short a paranormal world, which even after seven and a half years I still feel I am only just grasping (though thinking about it, I can remember playing with Pendulums when I was a child). So the company took a step forward into Ghost Hunts, but again striving to be different. Not making the paying guests simply watch or be on the edge of the activities (as many companies do) but putting them right at the heart of the event, and being able to use the latest and best equipment available. And so the company put on what many guests have told me are best ghost hunts around. 


I have based Darkside on a simple platform, I only work with friends and family - and even now Darkside still functions in this way, which makes for a very close-knit team, and I am privileged to say that over the years some guests have become friends and have joined the team, which  I feel is a great compliment. But the biggest thing that gives Darkside credibility as a market leader is that over the years, we have been the official provider to several major venues in the area (with another one in negotiation) and asked to be the sole provider of events at others. The faith that these venues and their owners have in us is something that I think makes us a leading company.


With the formation of the SDS Club members and the newly formed Dark Explorers children's club, the Darkside family is still growing, still looking for new venues, new events and new friends. We are in my opinion the best "paranormal entertainment company" locally and it is my intention and that of all in SDS to remove the word "locally".


Paranormal Experiences and Views: I've always known there is another world around us, a realm of shadows and shade, but never saw the proof of its existence, but after leading around 50 professional ghost hunts I have seen many things that can't be explained, except that the Paranormal word exists, I've seen furniture move, cupboard doors open, people touched, sat on, scratched, and possessed, I've seen things in my mind, facts I couldnt have known, be proved to be true, and shared the experiences of around 800 people who have ghost hunted with me, all of which mean I can say... I believe!!


Worth Knowing: I love cake (not chocolate).


Charlie (Artistic Director)

Team Leader & Productions Director


- Dowsing Rod Specialist

- Intuative

- One Women Film Crew

- Theatrical Production Script Writer



About Me: A student of English Language, Literature, and History. Member of the National Youth Theatre of Great Britian. I've spent time as a Director and Actor with the Royal National Theatre. When I'm not ghost hunting, I'm reading, down at the local cinema or writing screenplays.


Paranormal Experience and Philosophy: I was initially a sceptic - mostly out of fear! - but having seen chairs move, cupboard doors open, and cRaZy EMF fluctuations, my mind is certainly changing!

I have been an assistant with the company since it was founded in 2010, and leading groups on ghost hunt for the past three years. 

Dowsing Rods are my new best ghost-hunting friend! I seem to have a natural talent in communicating with them. 

The strangest but most unique thing I have experience was communicating with who we think is an deceased female prisioner at Brighton Old Police Cells. I was always uncertain of things like automatic writing but, after some dowsing rods referanced me to a pad and paper, I gave it a go. Nothing happended for quite sometime, but then I started being pushed into the floor and the pen began to move. A rather.... interesting picture came out of it. Clear sentences and images came into my head, and it felt, to me, as if I was having a conversation with a person in the room.


Worth Knowing: I'm related to Winston Churchill. He's my great, great, great uncle.


Diny (Director of Commmunications)

Team Leader & Social Media Bee


- Traditional Equipment Specialist & maker

- Head of Marketing and Social Media

- Ghost Magnet

- Theatrical Production Script Writer


About Me: I am a mother to three daughters, a home-educator, Author, Poet and obsessive conspiracy theorist. I am also slightly obsessed by Arthur Conan Doyle and his Victorian spiritualist activities.


Paranormal Experience and Philosophy: being terrified of my bedroom as a small child, only to find out that someone was murdered in it. Owning a doll whose eyes changed colour and spooked me, that I later found out was given to my by the parents of a deceased child they thought I resembled.

As a teenager, I visited a private museum where my mother and I both sensed someone pressing on our chests - then to be given a leaflet by the owner about the friendly spirit that haunts his museum.

I have an uncanny ability to blow light-bulbs (to the point where we have given up replacing most of them) and to mess with the functionality of electrical items when stressed - my husband will not allow me to touch his work computers for fear of blowing yet another hard-drive.

I once left an estate agent very confused when I told him that I had to leave the apartment I was viewing immediately because the place was full of evil and murder.

I adore ancient buildings and I have a tendency to see all the characters from the building's past wandering around me - I suspect that is due to my very good imagination!

I have played with a poltergiest (as one does).

I do believe there are energies and imprints of people from the past on the places they frequented and I also believe that there is energy in nature that can interact intelligently with us and that we can learn to bend to our will. I am also open to the idea that there may be another plane or dimension and I am utterly convinced that we are not alone in the universe.

Or possibly I am slightly insane?


Worth Knowing: I am easily distracted by ANYTHING sparkly.


Red (The Intern)

Equipment Lugger


- Gofer

- Qualified First Aider

- Empath

- Researcher


About Me: I am currently studying Public Services in Lewes and play drums in a rock band. When I'm not helping on Ghost Hunts, you will usually find me attending rock concerts. I am also a black-belt in karate - which, to be honest, isn't much use against a ghost.


Paranormal Experience and Philosophy:


Worth Knowing: I am terrified of runner beans, since eating a whole one and finding out it was actually a chilli.



Instagram: @sdsghosthunts

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