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Our Team Leaders will help you take part in a serious paranormal investigation, using our extensive range of the latest, high-tech ghost hunting equipment and a selection of old-school tools too.


Please read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing your ticket. If you have any questions, our Q&A page should be able to help, or please email sdsghosthunts@gmail.com

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SDS Ghost Hunt: Newhaven Fort, 26th September 2020
40.00 GBP

LOCATION: Newhaven Fort, Fort Road, Newhaven. BN9 9DS
DATE: 26th September 2020
TIME: 8.00pm to 1.00am


Theatrical Ghost Walk Tickets:


Join the resident ghosts; Corporal Cornford, Tilly Meeching and Officer's wife Elizabeth Grieve to hear about the ghosts that reside here, together with some of the best ghost stories from other forts around the country. Humour and History of the fort complete the evening as you laugh and scream your way around the fort.

Theatrical Ghost Walk: Newhaven Fort, NO DATES AT PRESENT

LOCATION: Newhaven Fort, Fort Road, Newhaven. BN9 9DS
DATE:No Dates at Present


About Newhaven Fort, Newhaven, Sussex


Newhaven Fort is the last of a long series of defences built into the cliffs overlooking Seaford Bay, dating back to the Iron Age. The current Palmerstone fort was built in 1862 and is protected by impressive ramparts and a network of underground tunnels that are seriously spooky at night with a reputation for haunting sounds and shadow activity.


Visit the fort in the dead of night and perhaps you will hear the sound of hobnailed boots marching through the tunnels, or the heavy clank of weapons being loaded, or perhaps even an air raid siren!

With so many areas to explore and lots of possible paranormal activity to report, Newhaven Fort is a fascinating and spooky location, with the added bonus of fabulous views over the port at night.


PARKING: Newhaven Fort has a large car park with no parking fees. Please note, if the gate to the main car park is closed, there is a staff car park which you may use at night - take the next turning, directly after the main car park, up a long slope.


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