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Our Team Leaders will help you take part in a serious paranormal investigation, using our extensive range of the latest, high-tech ghost hunting equipment and a selection of old-school tools too.


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Please note that Ghost Hunts are aged 18 and over, unless otherwise specified.


Ghost Hunt at St Mary in the Castle, TBC
35.00 GBP

LOCATION: St Mary in the Castle, 7 Pelham Crescent, Hastings TN34 3AF
DATE: Dates to be confirmed
TIME: 8.00pm to 1.00am


About St Mary in the Castle


Information from taken from.. http://stmaryinthecastle.co.uk/about-building/


In 1824 the Earl of Chichester, Thomas Pelham saw an opportunity for development of his land at the bottom of the West Hill to house the ‘discriminating population’ of Hastings. He engaged Joseph Kay as architect and work began, including the excavation of a large section of the cliff face. The development would include a crescent with grand town houses overlooking the seafront, and a neoclassical fronted church as its centrepiece; beneath the crescent a shopping arcade would complete the grand design. The arcade was opened in the same year with the church being completed four years later in 1828.

In 1951 St Mary in the Castle was made a grade II* listed building and was followed by a period of decline. St Mary in the Castle was deemed surplus to requirements as a Church of England place of worship in 1970 and by 1986 was close to being put on the dangerous buildings register. After a campaign by a group of locals to save the building, Hastings Borough Council acquired the freehold to St Mary in the Castle and number 7 Pelham Crescent.

In 1988 the Pelham Arcade was recognised as a grade II listed building and English Heritage, with the support of the Queen Mother, embarked on plans to restore St Mary in the Castle. After extensive restoration works the building reopened as an arts centre in 1998.



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