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Our Team Leaders will help you take part in a serious paranormal investigation, using our extensive range of the latest, high-tech ghost hunting equipment and a selection of old-school tools too.


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Please note that Ghost Hunts are aged 18 and over, unless otherwise specified.


About the Mermaid Inn, Rye


Only available to paranormal groups for one week a year and thought to be one of the most haunted public houses in England, the Mermaid Inn is 600 years old with the cellars dating from 1156 and the building above rebuilt in 1420. It is situated on the steep and narrow, cobbled Mermaid Street in Rye.


There are so many spirit thought to haunt this ancient inn:

 - Members of the blood-thirsty Hawkhurst Gang, local smugglers who frequented the Mermaid in the 1730 and 40s.

- A pair of duelling men.

- A lady in grey or white who sits in one of the suites and then disappears.

- A poltergeist who throws bottles off the shelf in the bar.

- A ghost who soaks guest's clothes.

- A chambermaid who was murdered for 'knowing too much' about the Hawkhurst Gang.

- Chairs that rock by themselves.


An evening at this absolutely beautiful, historic Inn is a must for anyone who loves history and the paranormal.



There is an onsite car park for 25 cars which is best accessed from the High Street via a VERY narrow lane, by the Bell Inn, do not access this from Mermaid Street if you have a large or high vehicle as there is a restrictive archway. There are several pay car parks close by and onstreet parking around.


Click here for The Mermaid Inn website.




Mermaid Inn carpark, unrestricted entrance.


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