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SDS Signature Ghost Hunt: True Crime Museum, TBC

LOCATION: The True CRIME Museum,Palace Avenue Arcade,White Rock,Hastings, East Sussex TN34 1JP
TIME: 8.00pm to 1.00am


About the True Crime Museum, Hastings


The True CRIME Museum is located on Hastings Seafront, almost opposite the Pier and is housed in a series of man-made caves accessed via Palace Avenue Arcade at White Rock on the Hastings Seafront.


The museum is said to house the largest collection of crime memorabilia in the UK, presenting a chilling insight into the world of serial killers, gangsters, forensics and more and the building itself has, for the paranormal investigator, an interesting history - with two deaths in 1905; one, a 22 year-old hotel porter who plunged into the lift shaft (it is not recorded whether he fell or was pushed) and the other, an equally young woman who failed to commit suicide in what is now the entrance to the TCM by covering herself in a tincture of poisonous belladonna. She was taken into custody, where she then hung herself.

Druids were known to have used the caves for their ceremonies, including notorious Hastings devil worshipper Aleister Crowley (who is said to have cursed the town of Hastings) and it is thought that a raised platform in the museum was once a Druid altar.

Visitors and workers at the museum have heard voices, seen shadowy figures and picked up orbs and strange lights.

Information from the TCM Blog


This venue is fully wheelchair accessible (please check with the True Crime Museum for full details).



• On Street Pay Machines – White Rock Road, TN34 1JP (1 min walk to museum)
• St Margaret's Road Car Park -TN37 6DB (5 min walk to museum)
• Falaise Road Car Park - TN34 1EU (10 min walk to museum)

• Pelham Place Seafront Car Park -TN34 3AE (10 min walk to museum) The entrance to this car park is locked at 11pm but the exit remains open at all times.
 • St Margaret’s Road and Falaise Road car parks are not locked. 
PLEASE NOTE: Carlisle Parade Underground Car Park the Underground Pier Car Park are locked at 11pm and un-locked at 7am.

information from the True Crime Museum - please check on the car park information board before leaving your car in case these rules have changed.


Click here for The True Crime Museum website.



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