Paranormal Activity?

Can anyone really prove or disprove the existence of the paranormal and supernatural?

Below are interesting snippets and photos (below) from our Ghost Hunts and other visits to reputedly haunted locations. Make up your own mind. (click any of the photos to enlarge them)

Newhaven Fort

1. Several member's bottoms touched.

2. A burly male figure seen standing in the entrance tunnel. A member of staff at the fort confirmed that he regularly feels the presence of the same individual in and around that location.

3. All EMFs going crazy when we sang WW2 songs in the WW2 room.

4. Sound like bricks being tapped together 3 times in Caponier on ghost walk - heard by 3 NF staff, 1 SDS staff and 18 guests

Hippodrome Theatre

1. Loud footsteps and voices heard.

2. Shadowy figures seen walking accross the top tier (the gods). See photo below.

3. Chair illuminating.

4. Fire door beeping then shutting whilst possibly chatting to young boy on stage via ouija.

Preston Manor

1. Cupboard door in bedroom opening.

2. Chair tipping (the same one that was debunked on Most Haunted, we were told by a staff member who saw it).

3. Sense of a lovely old man, who belongs in the building - late Victorian clothes.

Brighton Old Police Cells

1. Possible chair movement - not seen but in a completely different place and sounds of scraping chairs heard earlier.

2. Chair moved in court anti-room.

3. Stong EMF that moved along room on request.

4. Photo - see below.

Langney Priory

1. EMF meters placed on the ground moved position - tested position with coins placed touching and several EMF metres ended up ON TOP of the coins.

2. 6/10/18 Lots of EMF, which would follow us accross the room - not immediatly, but after some coaxing. Very odd.

Newhaven Fort, Newhaven - 10/17

This automatic/spirit drawing by SDS member Kirsty Chapman was done in the dark, with her eyes closed in the Caponier at Newhaven Fort.

The name James was written.

Incidentally, during the event, Kirsty's pencils kept going missing.

Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne 09/17

Taken from the stage as we were setting up a seance table. All present were on stage, staff at the venue have verified there was no one else in the building and it was locked. Charlie had seen a shadow move accross the top tier which prompted Jeff to take some photos. We did not see this figure at the time of taking the photograph. It was spotted a week later, when reviewing event photos.

Newhaven Fort, Newhaven - 05/17

Jeff took this photo during a daytime visit with his daughters. No matter how hard he tries, he has not been able to recreate the same effect that is seen here. There are no lights on or around this mannequin to cause this strange whispy effect, so we are stumped as to what it could be.

Police Cells Museum, Brighton - 10/17

Photo taken by SDS member Kirsty Chapman. The shadowy figure to the far left of the left window frame. There was, of course, no one standing there.

Hippodrome Theatre, Eastbourne - 05/18

Click to enlarge to see the stalls.

Taken by a guest on his phone from the stage and discovered at the end of the evening when we were looking through photos and chatting about the event. We have been through video footage taken at the same time and as far as we can see, there was nobody sitting in the stalls at that time.

Langney Priory, Eastbourne - 10/18

Very strong EMF readings that we were able to transfer accross the room by leaving the area of strong EMF and moving to the otherside of the room, then coaxing the 'energy' to join us again, which it did. Very odd!


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