Questions and Answers


Below are many of the questions we regularly get asked by our guests.

We thought it would be helpful to publish them together with our answers.


Q. What time do I have to be at an event?
A: Please arrive between 10 and 15 minutes before an event, no earlier because we often have lots of setting up and checking to do. However, if you run into problems and think you are going to be be late, please call us on 07949 453991 and we will try and accommodate you, please do not call after an event has started!


Q. What clothing will I need?
A: If you know that your event has parts that are outside, please check the local weather reports and bring wet-weather gear if needed. At the very least please bring something warm because it can be very cold late at night and when going home and most importantly, please wear sensible footwear; high heels and paranormal venues don’t mix!


Q: Am I allowed to smoke or vape?
A: You may only smoke or vape, in designated areas, during a break. As most ghost walks are only around 90 mins long, you will normally be given a sort break after about 45 minutes (where possible). During ghost hunts, you will get a break after investigating each area, before moving on to the next one, they will only be 5 to 10 minutes long, and are dependent on the venue having a suitable area.


Q: Can I bring my own Ghost Hunting equipment?
A: Please check with us first because we don't like noisy equipment, which can spoil the hunt for other participants and there are restrictions in some venues on certain 'occult' items such as Ouija boards. Candles and/or naked flames and gas-lights are not allowed at any venues.

Torches are, however, recommended.


Q: Can I eat and drink at an event?
A: As a general rule you can only eat and drink, during designated break times within a designated area. We do not provide refreshments during a Ghost Walks, but the venue may have a Bar or Café where you can purchase a drink.

During Ghost Hunts, we usually provide tea, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits, to be consumed during your breaks. If we plan to offer any other type of refreshment it will be mentioned in the advertising for that event. You can NOT eat during the active part of a Ghost Walk or Investigation phase of a ghost hunt.

You are welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks for consumption during the break.

If you have any specific dietry requirements, please let us know and we will do our best to accomodate you.


Q. Will there be alcohol on a Ghost Hunt?

A. No! Please do not consume alcohol before a Ghost Hunt or bring any with you. Wandering around ancient buildings in the dark is hazardous enought, without being tipsy! Also, alcohol will affect your ability to 'sense' any paranormal activity and could make you 'open to mal forces' and a liabilty to the other guests.


Q. Will there be alcohol on a Theatrical Ghost Walk?

A. If the venue has a bar and it is open during our very short interval, then you are welcome to 'entertain the spirits', however, there will only be time for one drink and please do be aware that this could affect your ability to navigate any steps or narrow areas of the venue for the second half of the event.


Q: Am I allowed to take photos?
A: You are NOT allowed to take photos during any part of a Ghost Walk as these are theatrical productions and taking photos may put the acting staff off, or delay the movement of the group around the venue.

You May take photos in accordance with our terms and conditions, as part of a Ghost Hunt investigation, but please remember to get the permission of anyone in the picture before you take it. If you see a venue sign that states No Photography, this will over-ride our rules.


Q: Can I post comments or pictures on social media?
A: As far as photos are concerned, the answer is NO unless you get permission from SDS beforehand. This is so that we can check that the people in the photo are happy with it being posted (some people might not want people to know they go ghost hunting), and to check with the venue as the picture may show something they don’t want shown such as the location of something valuable or security aspects of the venue.

As for Twitter posts; you are allowed to make these, but we ask you to only do these before, and after the event or during any breaks.


Q: Do I need to check in with you before an event?
A: Yes, this is VERY important, you need to check a week before the event, the day before the event, and just before you leave home to attend an event. We will post last-minute news on our Facebook page and on Twitter as soon as we get it, so keep please ensure you check these to keep yourself up-to-date. If on very rare occasions, we must cancel an event, we will post it on our Website, Facebook and Twitter, but this will be the only notification, we cannot email individuals personally so it is up to you to keep up to date.

If you have any questions about your event please feel free to email us or contact us through our social media.


Q: What can I expect from the behaviour of others?

A: We have strict behaviour rules which are laid down in our terms and conditions, please read them - they are they to protect everyone and to ensure that a good time is had by all.


Q: How do I get to the venue and park?
A: Before an event we will post an information page about the venue, covering a bit about the history, how to get there and where to park ( if there is a sensible answer). Please read them before attending your event.


Q: I have a disability or special need, can I come?
A: Most of our Ghost Hunts and Ghost Walks take place in ancient buildings, in the dark and therefore, access is often up or down stairs, frequently uneven and narrow and we cannot guarantee accessible toilet facilities. However, do contact us by email or social media with any questions you have because we will do our best to accomadate you within the limitations of the venue.


Q. What if I get too scared?

A: Ghost Hunts can be extremely frightening and we have no control over the paranormal happenings at any of our venues. We personally recommend that you bring some chocolate, or some Bach Flower Rescue Remedy to take if you become very nervous (chocolate delivers seratonin, which helps to make you feel good). Should you be very frightened, let your team leader know and they will do their best to help you feel safe.

Our Theatrical Ghost Walks are a good introduction to a paranormal event and we recommend you come on one of these with us first if you are worried about whether you will cope on a proper Ghost Hunt.

We regret that if you decide to leave the venue before the end of the event, we cannot refund your ticket.


Q. Is anything faked?

A. Our Ghost Hunts are serious events, designed for people who are inquisitive about the paranormal. Sometimes nothing happens, often little things occurr and once and a while, full-on poltergeists turn up. We have absolutely no control and we would rather nothing happened than fake something.

One of the biggest thrills for us at SDS is being able to spend time in amazing, ancient venues with access to areas that are often off limits during the day. We appreciate the history and the beauty of the buildings we visit and if a ghost turns up, well, that just makes the night perfect! We hope that our guests will also appreciate the venue as much as the paranormal experience (even if there is none).

That said, we haven't had a Ghost Hunt without some paranormal action yet.


Q: What is the minimum age?
A: For a Ghost Hunt the minimum age is 18.

For Ghost Walks; no unaccompanied chidren under the age of 18. If you do decide to bring a child (we recommend no younger than 14), please be aware that the event can be extremely scary and you must be prepared to take responsibility for that child if they decide to leave the event. If this occurs, we are sorry but, no refund will be given.


Q: Is SDS insured?
A: Yes as a professional company SDS holds £5 million public and venue liability, however you must read our terms and conditions before booking. You may also like to consider insuring yourself for the event. 


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